Thesis: Gothic Story #1 Blue Beard

This is my revised illustration for my Thesis.
I will be Taking 7 gothic Stories and creating an illustration them as best as i can.
This First story is of Blue Beard.

For those who have never heard of it before here is a quick summary:
Bluebeard is an wealthy aristocrat, who is avoided by all in his village because of his "frightfully ugly" blue beard. He has been married several times, but no one knows whatever has become of his wives. When Bluebeard visits one of his neighbours and asks to marry one of her two daughters. He persuades the younger daughter to marry him. After the ceremony she goes to live with him in his castle.

Very shortly after, Bluebeard announces that he must leave for a while; he gives all the keys to his castle to his new wife, telling her to open all his treasures if she wishes. However, he also gives her the key to one small room beneath the castle, stressing to her that she must not enter this room under any circumstances. She promises never enter the room. After he leaves she is overcome with the desire to see inside the forbidden room despite being warned never to enter. The wife immediately discovers the murdered bodies of her husband's former wives hanging from hooks on the walls. Horrified, she drops the key into the pool of blood. She retrieves the key but it is stained and cannot be cleaned. She tells her sister of what she had found and ask her to call on her brothers to retrieve her but Bluebeard returns home unexpectedly the next day. Noticing the blood on the key bluebeard knows his wife has broken her promise. He threatens to behead her on the spot, but she begs him to give her time to say her prayers. He agrees, in a panic she locks herself in a room while Bluebeard with sword in hand, tries to break down the door. The young wife waits as her two brothers to arrive. At the last moment the brothers break into the castle and kill Blue beard. Leaving no heirs but his wife, His wife inherits all his great fortune. 


jonnydark said...

Wow you REALLY do love beards.

Also, Exceptional artwork Yes. I'd say keep it up, but i know you will.